Slant-Faced Awning

We offer one of the largest selections of Awning colours available. Currently boasting 12 unique colours, we are always looking for new ones to add. Then finish off your awning with a stylish valence. Adding in on one of our three valence options will give your awning a polished look.


Installations available upon request – anywhere in Canada

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Custom Awnings

Awing In A Box is a leading firm which offer a wide range of awnings for different purposes. We have specialty in offering slant face awnings. We are known as the manufacturer of awnings and design as per client needs. We are the only reliable name to deliver the finest quality Slant Face awnings Toronto.

One of the most important feature of our awnings is that they are water-resistant. No matter what type of weather situations you face in your area, you will not have to worry about shielding your awning. We make all of our products from highly tough materials and our awnings can withstand even the roughest storms.

Our Slant Face awnings Ontario are tested and approved under the most demanding storm rating codes and are designed to meet a sum of specific needs. A wide range product line includes everything from material storm panels to systematic shutters. Every product we offer comes with the finest quality products, carefully manufactured to ensure performance.

The durable slant Face awnings are designed to repel flying debris and offer protection for housing, industrial and commercial properties. It is the perfect solution for protecting windows, entryways, walkways, glass walls, balconies, lanais, entry doors, as well as garage doors. When it comes to storm protection, our awnings are designs offer the most versatile protection. These awnings are multipurpose so our customers can count on getting value and sufficiently of use from their purchases, as well.

We are inspired about the endless options that our products generate; whether it’s about sun, storm, or insect protection, energy saving, or adding personality or branding. We are here to provide the best solutions for your problems. Our professionals always go to the R&D process, before design any awing.

Research and study will help us to provide better products to clients. Our team always focuses on awing structure and discuss the possibilities of real use and give better output for awing industry. To get the best quote for slant face awing drop your query. We offer the possible offer to you for the high quality products.