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Custom Awnings

Custom Awnings

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Installations available upon request – $350 anywhere in Canada

Install Robust Awnings To Protect Home

If your deck or patio is too hot to use, Awning In A Box is just what you need! With the most standard features in the industry and endless color and fabric options, what are you waiting for? Our awnings are water-resistant, operated by the press of a key and available in different sizes, colors and materials. We are recognized to offer Home awnings Toronto. We offer residential awnings for condos in addition to canopies for homes and businesses.

Our professionals will also work with you to craft an awning to match your color scheme and design. Our Awnings Richmond Hillis a great addition to your home. It can help reduce your cooling costs by as much as its capabilities. It also provides permanent protection for your windows. Our product is tailored to match your home’s exclusive design.We have the textbook additions that will make you want to expend all your time outside, under your awning. From front and side shades to block the sun to wind sensors and wind poles to avoid damage to your awning, our awning accessories will make your outdoor space the residence you want to be.

All of our products are apprehended and designed with strict adherence to the utmost standards of quality, and we are honored to state that many of our inventions in awning design have set the pace for the rest of the business. We produce everything in-house — from manufacturing and design to metalwork and manufacture, to cutting and stitching and printing. We offer you one-stop suitability for any and all of your awning and portico needs.

We offer many different types of house awnings. Increase your home’s energy efficacy and protected space with our wide selection of awnings.  Our hand crafted awnings will not only shield your home’s value, but add beauty and style for years to come. We have a range of waterproof and fireproof materials to help shield your home and property. From us, you always get the quality products at the best market price. To get quotes of home awnings, drop your query today.