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Quarter-Ball Awning

We offer one of the largest selections of Awning colours available. Currently boasting 12 unique colours, we are always looking for new ones to add. Then finish off your awning with a stylish valence. Adding in on one of our three valence options will give your awning a polished look.


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Installations available upon request – anywhere in Canada

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Custom Awnings

Install High Quality Quarter Ball Awning

Quarter ball awnings are a quite popular product among our Ontario clients. We offer high quality and corrosion resistant and zinc coating, therefore it offers zero maintenance. The fabric top is precisely veined, fitted and stretched over the frame providing an elegant look of the awning. Each frame is prepared to measure. These awnings are well known for businesses and residential properties when customers are searching for year around protection.

Quarter ball awnings protects your home paneling from damage and UV rays from the sun in a variety of fabrics, sizes, styles and colors. Our most economical telescopic awning system is also our lightest. It is a robust awning system with partial cassette for fabric shield when retracted. Our slim fit and extra-long awning is ideal for small spaces and where you need extra-long projection.

Durable in any weather, they help protect your customers from rain or offer shade from the sun. This in turn can help decrease energy costs, especially if you select awnings that best match the windows being protected. It is suitable for larger patio covers, carports and home canopies. Other benefits include their resilience and strength, light weight, waterproof qualities and excellent insulation. The awnings come in a multitude of colors and styles to accompaniment your outdoor decor.

Constructed of heavy duty extruded aluminum with a clear shatter resilient polycarbonate panel, these canopies will offer weather protection while allowing cleaned light through for both commercial and housing applications. It will provide security while allowing filtered light through for both commercial and housing applications.

If you think quarter ball awning might be the ideal selection for your patio or deck needs, we are proud to offer a large variety. To learn more about pricing, customization and availability, please contact us today! 

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