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Quarter-Round Awning

We offer one of the largest selections of Awning colours available. Currently boasting 12 unique colours, we are always looking for new ones to add. Then finish off your awning with a stylish valence. Adding in on one of our three valence options will give your awning a polished look.


Awning Colours
Awning Valences
Installations available upon request – anywhere in Canada

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Slant-Face Awnings


Quarter-Ball Awnings


Custom Awnings

Custom Awnings

Enjoy the Beauty and Protection of Quarter Round Awning

Awning In A Box manufactures and install both residential and commercial Quarter Round awnings. We always focus on quality during manufacturing for a reliable and resilient product. If you are looking for quarter round awnings in Ontario, you can end your search with us.

Enjoy the beauty and protection of this quarter round awning design at extremely affordable prices. These quarter round awnings are a commercial property favourite in Toronto. It provides the added adaptability to easily change a tenants signage in its commercial use. It also enhances corporate image while offering effective daytime advertising. Providing bright and effective signage in a cost-effective manner. Our team can manufacture any shape to fit your needs.

We specialize in offering awnings in Ontario. When you require an awning for your business, you can count on the one-stop shop to accomplish all your needs. Your custom-built commercial awning will have glowing fabric that allows light to pass through it. Our team can design the lighting of your new canopy as well.

These awnings come in a wide range of flairs, fabric selections and shades and have designed structures that are adaptable and unique. They can range from the typical stationary window awnings to large automatic home awnings that offer shade and protection for your home. 

Our professionals always focus on structure and the finest range of material. We understand that all properties are unique so we work closely with our customers to make their awning dreams a reality!  

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